About OMI

Lloyd . O. M . Hodgkinson – Principal

I have always enjoyed being surrounded by collections, things that jog my memory and colours that make me feel comfortable. I think my appreciation for these immensely personal emotions give me a real understanding of their importance in a home. For the past 11 years I was fortunate enough to work with renowned Brisbane interior design firm John Croft Design, who’s rich 37-year heritage in the Australian design industry deservedly earned them the reputation as one of the best. It was under the guidance of John Croft that I learned the importance of colour and pattern in interior decorating and developed a deep respect for the grand practitioners of design.

“Of course we live in a world saturated by images; there are so many choices, and it’s the abundance of choices that makes confidently building a room’s personality challenging for people, this is where I come into the picture.”

There is nothing I love more than being captured by a room that has its own presence. It is my goal to create homes that respect traditional design concepts yet reflect individualism. I truly believe the selection of quality fabrics and furniture will stand the test of time. A home should have you lingering amongst a mix of existing pieces and specifically selected pieces, it should have colour and pattern but most importantly have warmth by layering dissimilar objects amongst family photographs and art.

“Interior decorating should be exciting and the end result should not be stuffy” – Lloyd Hodgkinson

If it is one thing I want Oliver Mark Interiors to be known for it is ‘ego free and comfortable style’. The smile on the clients face when they see the finished result is all I need to see to know that I have done my job.

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