Downsizing to a smaller house (next door to their former family home), the owners of this Camp Hill house worked with Oliver Mark Interiors to make their dreams for their new abode come true.

It was every interior designer’s dream: a blank canvas. After undergoing significant renovations, this house with its classical detailing, large living spaces and a superb view presented a perfectly clean slate for Lloyd Hodgkinson of Oliver Mark Interiors to work his design magic.

From the beginning, Lloyd loved the style of the house and felt a genuine connection to his clients, as well as a determination to make their home beautiful.

Describing his style as “comfortably classical”, Lloyd says he has a weakness for beautiful furniture and fabrics. Because this was his clients’ downsizing home, he was able to utilise finishes and fabrics that wouldn’t normally be chosen for hardworking family homes.

While he has a flair for creating formal rooms with a sophisticated and quiet elegance to them, Lloyd’s interior design style still has a huge focus on suitability and comfort.

“There is no good in having an armchair that looks good but isn’t comfortable to sit in – and it is always possible to have both style and comfort,” he explains.

This home effortlessly proves his point. It’s full of exquisite detail, from the contrast band on the living room curtains to the hand-painted Chinoiserie chest of drawers, to carefully sourced art and accessories. It’s this layering of both comfort and detail that makes you want to linger in each room.

Lloyd says the living room of the home is a firm favourite. “I absolutely love the gorgeous curtains we installed in off-white with Wedgwood blue trim. The curtain pelmets reach right to the ceiling and accentuate the ceiling height. It helps that the architectural detailing of this room is so beautiful.”

On choosing the colours and patterns for the verandah, Lloyd says he was inspired by the beautiful colours of light-filled English conservatories. “The walls in the front verandah were painted a very soft duck-egg blue, so the obvious colour to add was green,” he says. “The living room, which leads off the front verandah, was a continuation of this colour scheme but with complementary colours added to create more interest and its own sense of space.”

The design of the master bedroom all began with one beautiful botanical-style fabric that Lloyd adored so much that he decided to do “absolutely everything” in the bedroom in this print, and thankfully his clients were brave and trusting enough. The owners of the home are founders of the company Easycraft, which manufactures decorative wall and ceiling panelling. Easycraft panelling was used throughout the renovation of the home to help blend the new parts of the home with the old.

The home required a careful layering of old and new accessories to agree with its architectural features.“I dedicated many days to visiting antique stores for the right objects and pieces to soften and finish the surfaces,” Lloyd says, adding that having so many large walls made choosing art and mirrors a real treat.

The big reveal of the home’s interior was a huge family affair, where the owners waited out in their old home next door, resisting the urge to peek. When they finally walked through the door, “My clients were absolutely ecstatic,” Lloyd recalls. “The night ended with all of us celebrating with Champagne and toasting to the new home.”

“The home is full of exquisite detail, from the contrast band on the curtains, to the Chinoiserie chest of drawers, to the carefully sourced art and accessories”